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SAML 2.0 authenticatication and Fiori

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I am attempting to set up our new SAP gateway server, which will be hosting our Fiori apps to authenticate to a SAML 2.0 Identity provider.

I have been following the instructions in the following document

and everything appears to be set up as in described.

I am however experiencing an error when I attempt to signon using the new configuration and the error is occuring when the system is attempting to validate the SAML artifact with the identity provider and I am getting the following error :-

The error message is

SAML20 CX_SAML20_CORE: The validation of message 'Response' failed. Long text: The validation of message 'Response' failed.

Caused by: CX_SAML20_ASSERTION: Attribute 'Subject' of element 'SPNameQualifier' is invalid. Long text: Attribute 'Subject' of element 'SPNameQualifier' is invalid.

Can anybody help me to understand what this message means, the content of the SPNameQualifier field is "https//servername.domain/shibboleth"

Does this look correct to somebody who may have got this working or do we have the wrong value in this field.

You help would be most appreciated as I have not been able to find anything on sdn that has been able to help so far.

Many Thanks

Bill Martin

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Hello Guys,

Please check your signature response in your IDP.

note: the SP signature response and IDP signature response must be same.


Best Regard

Jian Cui