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Sales information systems(SIS) benefits

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Hi BW experts:

Can some body explain me the benefits and use of BW SIS reports over R/3 standard SIS reports and also SD reports over R/3 SD standard reports/.

Your inputs are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mahantesh,

Your question is somewhat vague. As far as I understood you want to compare BW std SD reports and R/3 std SD reports?

SIS is a part of Logistics information system (LIS). SIS reports use the following characteristics:

- Customer

- Material

- Sales org.

- Shipping point

- Sales Employee

- Sales office

There are number of SIS std reports. But as you can see they concerned mainly sales and distribution area. They are build on LIS structures. However, you can create custom structures and build non-std reports.

BW SD reports may be build on data provided by these old LIS structures (practically the same reports as in SIS). But LO cockpit provide new data sources with more information. So, std BW SD-related reports give more information and more flexible.

Additionally, to this SD reports we can add CRM reports.

And finally, BW flexibility allows us not only to get data from sales info, but also to join it with data from the other application areas, for example with materials management or controlling.

Best regards,