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SAl BI IP - relationship characteristic

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Dear All,

I’m working with SAP BI integrated planning.

I ask you to resolve one question.

Thanks in advance!

I have customers master data and materials master data.

In Master Data there isn't relationship between customers master data and materials master data.

You must know that the infocube is empty; I don’t need any data actual.

On a new aggregation level is it possible create a relationship characteristic  to plan for each clients all materials?

Best regards

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Answers (2)

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Hello Allessia,

Create a WAD application and include the input ready query (with Customer & Material in ROW and KFs in COLUMN area) in the ANALYSIS_ITEM in the WAD. Under Web item parameters of ANALYSIS_ITEM there is an option called Number of New lines in Planning query for which please give the value 1 or greater than 1.


Gopi R

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I think it is possible. Created a input ready query and select the materia and on the right side option select Master data and values in Master data table. Same setting should be done for customer.

Some times performance problem may arise if you read the master data.It is better to restrict the material and customer for one or two values or you can use variable.


With regards,

Anand Kumar