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SAC - The query selection cannot be changed

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Hello Experts,

We have SAP SAC connected to SQL server and story boards are built on top of the model in SAC. Just the analytic model. Not a planning model.

We wanted to add the additional fields in to the Model from SQL server, but it isn't allowing us to edit the Model , throwing some error like :The query selection cannot be changed " the SAP OSS note - 2466312.

This note is a year old( 04/19) and solution says that.

Resolution You can't add or remove dimensions or measures since this is a limitation. However, you can use dimensions as filters in the query. Please Vote for this idea on the link below if you would like to see this feature added in SAC, as the most voted idea gets picked first by our SAC Developers

Is there any way to add new fields in to the model without affecting the existing story boards.


Ramakrishnan Ramanathaiah

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ramakrishnan, This Note still applies, same as we documented in our Guide here:

I can tell you this has been requested by multiple customers already and its in our dev's backlog without any current timeline as it affects the whole modeling framework.

Best, Mark

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

Good morning,

any news about fixing this problem on SAC instance? What is the roadmap for release this bug-fixing?

It is really difficult to create queries from scratch every time with a lot of fields.

Let me know please.


Tommaso Villanova

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Thank you very much Mark for the answer.

So If the end users have built stories on top of existing models, and we can not add fields to the existing models without affecting storyboards. Are there any other ways, like copying models and editing / move the story boards to the new model as long as the old fields still remains in the model. Could you update when you get a chance.