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SAC - Story InputControl APIs for ranges


Dear experts,

Story 2.0 is great, however there seem to be still a lot of APIs to develop. I would like to have set a time range on an input control. Or to select all members. It is not possible for range filters. Is there anything planned for that? I couldn't find any Customer influence request, maybe I missed something.


I use BW live data / BEx Query, with a filter on 0CALDAY using a SAP-Exit variable, giving he last 365 days till last day with data. In the story, I don't want the user to set the variable, but I want to give him the possibility to filter on 0CALDAY without having to open the prompt.


For that I wanted to simply use a date Range input control and fill it with the variable values (from and to values). Something like that: InputControlCalDay.getInputControlDataSource().setSelectedMembers("0CALDAY", myTimeRange)

Do you know any workaround?

My opinion:

The fixed date range filters are great interactive input controls, more intuitive for users than the dynamic range filters. However, they remain rather useless and seldom used, since you cannot dynamically set the start and end dates (with or without API). The story designer needs to change start and end dates manually every now and then, so that the user doesn't get data for past months, quarters or years. In the end I almost never use them for that reason. Some APIs or UI options to dynamically set start and end date would address this issue. Of course, this is only one of many still missing APIs, but an important one.

Thanks, and have a nice evening!

Best regards,


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