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SAC Measure input control doesn't work

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Hi SAC Experts,

In a SAC story, I tried to create input control based on the calculated measure. ypinchuk_0-1713801188640.png

This measure appeared in the list of available measures 


but didn't filter the table (I wanted only lines with 1 to be present).


The measure calculation refers to the Date dimension. The Date dimension is set up to show unbooked values, nevertheless, the filter didn't work either with booked dates or unbooked ones. 

In addition, another measure above - Age - is also a calculated measure, but it didn't even appear in the list of available ones for the filter.

Please, could you advise what could be the reason for this and how to make things work?


Thank you,



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If you go with measure based filter you might not able to plan in the table. Instead of measure based filter, try creating a measure based dimension using the measure values to create dimension category. Make sure you cover all possible values for the measure including null. Then you can use this dimension to filter the table.


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Nikhil, it's analytic table, not planning. I created a measure based dimension but it doesn't work with unbooked date members