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SAC Custom Widget for Uploading a load file(.xls) customization using Data Import API

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Hello All,

I have a custom widget for uploading a load file into the system running in the system. This version is old (provided by SAP), and SAP have asked us to get it changed to a newer version by implementing the use of the Data Import API.

The older version had an event called "OnFileUpload()" which could be added to story and some custom JavaScript code was added to it. This function gets triggered after the file is uploaded successfully.

I needed help as I can't figure out how to use the Data Import API to make this same "OnFileUpload()" event and inject the same JavaScript code to it. There was another post which had a sample File Upload Widget which I couldn't customize to the need. I couldn't alter the code in it because it was not indented and had no comments as well.


Link for New Widget- analytics-cloud-custom-widget/Custom-Widget-Samples/file-upload-widget/versions at main · SAP-sample...

Thanks and Regards

Vishnu Pradeep


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi bekaertsac

   I assume the new custom widget by using data export API doesn't support onFileUpload event at all. 

Best regards, William