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S/4HANA - Post upgrade Fiori task list


Hi Experts,

What are all the Fiori task lists (STC01) and other steps to be executed in S/4HANA 2021 Post upgrade?

Please give them in sequence for both 000 and business clients

How to ensure the existing Fiori apps will not get affected.

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Daniel,

Ok so there are no specific task lists for upgrade, but you can rerun some of the earlier task lists with one important difference ... carefully select WHICH tasks to run. That is,don't just run the default selection of tasks for that task list which is always aimed at initial run of the task list. Instead pick and choose which tasks you want to run using the checkboxes at the front of each task.

After an upgrade we would recommend reviewing any changes to task list SAP_FIORI_FOUNDATION_S4. Often new best practices and new launchpad features are provided as part of this task list. So if for example, you were using groups only in your source release and now want to turn on spaces and pages in your target release, the safe option is to run the SAP_FIORI_FOUNDATION_S4 task list and select the task that related to turning on spaces and pages.

It's also worth while running the FLP Health Checks task list... just to make sure your basic setup is still ok. There are some additional suggestions in SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – 10 health checks for the SAP Fiori launchpad

You should also review your current business roles to see if they need to be reactivated. If you are using any standard SAP business roles directly, e.g. in your sandbox system, you might want to run the SAP_FIORI_CONTENT_ACTIVATION task list for those roles again, to activate any new apps added to the role.

Also - not a task list but VERY IMPORTANT... go along to the Launchpad Content Manager and check for obsolete and outdated catalogs. Where you can use the Quick Fix options to correct these. This avoids a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting - particularly where apps have been superseded by newer versions. You can find some more information on this at

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – How to fix Changed and Outdated Catalogs

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Daniel,

as far as I know there are no tasklists to run after an upgrade.

Recently there was another blogpost about upgrading, maybe it helps you.

Best regards,