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RZ70 push data to two different SLD

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In our landscape, SMP is Solution Manager Production Server and SMS is Solution manager Sandbox server.

We are using Solution Manager server (SMP) SLD as the central SLD (We are going to follow SAP recommendation for not to use Solution manager server SLD as the central SLD in coming months. Till then, i have to use it).

In our Landscape, we have ECC 6.0 and CRP 7.02 (Only ABAP Stack).

- In ECC/CRM, we entered central SLD details in RZ70 to push the system data to central SLD (SMP). This process created RFC (SLD_UC and SLD_NUC) and also schedule data collection job (SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT) to run in 12 hours again. For this configuration, RZ70 send the data to Central SLD server (SMP Server) but when background job (SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT) executed after 12 hours, RZ70 write the data to another SLD (SMS server).

Also i have noticed that sometime SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT write the data to SMP SLD also.

As per my understanding, RZ70 (SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT) should either write the data to SMP SLD or SMS SLD. Because in RZ70, i have defined SMP server details, RZ70 should write data to SMP SLD each time.

I cheked the profile setting of both servers and it seems to be fine.

Pls help to fix this issue.



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Data will be pushed to the SLD specify in RZ70. Have you activated & save after input the new SLD entry?


Nicholas Chang

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What version of solution manager are you work?

i think its better if you work with central SLD with bridge to another SLD

you try to change the RFC?

you try to delete the job and  schedule again?


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Hi Naor

We are on Version 7.01, patch level ST-26. I deleted SLD entry, reactivated and enter the SLD entry again, reshedule job again...

First time, RZ pushed data to SMP server and then next time (after job SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT executed), it again send the data to SMS server. On an average, out of 10 times, RZ70 send data to SMP 6 times and 4 times to SMS...

When i enter RZ70 in SMP/SMP, it mestioned as local SLD. How to find out if we are using central SLD or local SLD? I would also like to use Central SLD. but as per SAP documents, we should use local SLD for solution manager server and use some other server for central SLD.

Hi Nicholas: I have specified SMP server details in RZ70, so techincall data should be pushed only to SMP..

Thanks again for replying back.