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Running Old Version of CR with JDE World on the iSeries

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My customer is running an old version (XI) of CR. A new physical file was created in the library along with 4 other physical files. The user can see the 4 older files but not the newer file. The new file was created using Query400. The authorities have been changed to match the 4 older files. The ownership has been changed to match the 4 older files. An entry in the SVR was created by copying one of the older files to create the entry for the newer file. This is starting to feel like I am missing a step in the set up but I am not sure what else to do.

Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.

Thank you

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Product and Topic Expert
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Are you trying to use the new file as a datasource for a report?


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Yes, They would like to create reports using the new files/tables.



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Don, thanks for the help. I understand what you are saying but I would expect the older files to have quit working and they have not. It is only the new files that are not in the list. All of the files were created in the same way. This is why I am thinking there is something in the set up. I am not a CR user. I only know it from a very high level so this could be part of my confusion,

Thanks again for the help.


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XI would only support older versions of the JDE/JDK so likely things have changed too much to get XI to still work on current versions.

Time to update CR and the runtime.