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RSTRAN401 error on transformation transport in SAP BW 7.4 SP13

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I'm getting the following error (Code 😎 in transport log from DEV to QA system: "Transformation 0XXXXXXXX: Rule XX could not be imported (Message No. RSTRAN401)."

This transport contains one transformation, source and target infoproviders are ADSOs with the exact same type and structure, all rules on it are a Direct assignment type, it has no formulas or routines and each rule has as source and target the same InfoObject. All InfoObjects are assigned.

Even when it ends with Code 8, it imports transformation to QA in active status but it deletes most of the mapping rules.

I have tried the following actions but when I try to transport error remains.

  • Reactivate and import a transport with source and target ADSOs as Procedure indicates.
  • Reactivate and re-import transformation.
  • Execute manual activities indicated in Note 1377342.
  • Create a new ADSO target and a new transformation to discard that the initial one was corrupt.
  • Activate the transformation into QA system through a program.
  • Activate and repair ADSOs both, destination and source, in QA using a program
  • Change in transformation, direct mappings to formulas and / or routines

Could you, please, help me?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

Check the key-figures in the transformation and its units properly.

In case the associated unit of particular key figure may be different in dev and qa then you need to move those key figures as well along with transformation.

See this OSS Note,

1907615 - Transport of transformation fails with RSTRAN401





You're right! I checked key figures in DEV vs QA and found a difference in one of them. It is an old key figure and everything was supposed to be in sync but it wasn't.

Thank you very much for your advice, it helped me a lot!


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