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RSEXARCD: Idoc archiving deletion program issues

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I have two queries:

1. The Idoc archive deletion program, RSEXARCD, when executed in background, terminates when there are no archive files to process (as seen in SARA). How can we prevent this? Our deletion jobs are scheduled weekly, but sometimes there are no archive files created from the archive write program RSEXARCA.

2. Secondly, how can we process multiple archive files using this program RSEXARCD in background? Currently, it processes only one archive file at a time and takes up the oldest unprocessed archive file. Also, would like to know how it gets this information of the oldest unprocessed archive file?


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1-i At most of my customers there was no need to save IDOCS.

They can be deleted directly via transaction WE11

2 Use program RSARCHD (via se38) to schedule deletes of any archive files

more details on note 205585

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Thanks for the suggestion of using RSARCHD to schedule the delete jobs. It checks for existing files / sessions and only then

schedules the delete job.

However, an important point to be noted is to check / uncheck the "Jobs per archiving object" option, as it makes a lot of difference.

If its not checked, then the program checks for existing delete jobs across all archiving objects and might terminate if

max no of jobs value is reached.