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RoadMap problem...

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Hi everyone,

I success creating a RoadMap and it works.

When I press the "Next" button, it do gets me to the next step of the RoadMap but the the RoadMap changes its size.

The RoadMap is getting longer and after smaller...

Do someone knows this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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hi David,

I have also encountered the same problem.The problem is because whenever we select a step the description becomes bold and when we deselect it becomes normal.

I tried accessing this property but in vain.

So only possible solution i feel is to leave the description as empty.

If we do this there wont be a change in size.Give the details in the name of the step itself..

Hope this helps.. points

If u we have solved it in a different way please do share it.

Thanks & regards


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Hi Bharathwaj,

I think what u said is logic.

So I do not see any other solution....

Thanks a lot for explaning me the problem.

Nice day.

PS : Here are some points.... I didn't forget.