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RFC -> XI Commit Fault error

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Hi All

I have created an RFC (from R/3) that I am using to trigger a BPM in XI (3.0).

<b>RFC Destination - SM59</b>

I have set up the RFC Destination in R/3 as follows:

Connection Type = T

Activation Type = Registration

Program ID = zabfcxi

GatewayHost = Trx SMGW -> HostName = R/3 system (i.e. NOT the XI server)

GatewayService = sapgw00

<b>XI Sender Communication Channel - CC_RFC_SENDER</b>

In XI I have configured a RFC Sender communication channel as follows:

<i>RFC Server Parameter</i>

Application Server = Trx SMGW -> HostName = R/3 system (i.e. NOT the XI server)

Application Server Service = sapgw00

Program ID = zabfcxi

<i>RFC Metadata Repository Parameter</i>

Application Server = Trx SMGW -> HostName = R/3 system (i.e. NOT the XI server)

System Number = 00

Logon User/Password = myUser and myPassword

Logon Language = EN

Logon Client = 041

<b>Sender Agreement</b>

I have also set up a sender agreement:

Service = R3_DEV_030

Interface = Z_RFC_GET_SO_REQUESTS2 (name of RFC imported to XI)

Sender Comm channel = RFC Sender adapter defned above

When I run the test connection in SM59 it works without any problems.

I have written a small ABAP that calls the RFC:


When I run this it completes with no errors. However, nothing appears to be getting through to XI. I have checked the log in SM58 and find that it is failing with this error:

Commit fault: lookup

I have followed the SAP note "FAQ XI 3.0 RFC Adapter" qu.19 which states this is caused by incorrect Sender agreement but it all looks OK to me - hence why I have posted the details of it. I have also performed a full refresh of the cache but this has not fixed it either.

Is anybody able to help...?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Andrew

your configuration is fine for creating the RFC destination and RFC sender adapter.

Just check your BS in SLD all the paramters should be correct(CLNT) and also DO the complete cachce and check.

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Thanks for your reply.

In the end there were a couple of issues around clients. Our R/3 Dev server has 2 clients (30 & 41). In XI the R/3 system is set up with client 30. I had set up my RFC CC to use client 41. I was also calling the RFC from client 41. Once I had changed the CC to use client 30 and call the RFC in client 30 it all started working! Thanks for prompting me to think about which clients I was using - I'd completely missed the obvious!


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Andrew,

Hope these threads will help you.

Reward points if helpfull.....