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Retrieve the fields from a query (SQ01) layout

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Hello everyone.

When I execute a query via SQ00 I can display the result in an ALV and modify the layout then save it.

Is it possible in ABAP to recover this formatting?

Let's imagine that my query initially has 60 fields but that in my layout I only select 5 fields. In ABAP I would like to be able to read this layout and retrieve the titles of the columns, their technical field, and their position in the global catalog.

The FM LT_DBDATA_READ_FROM_LTDX only gives me the overall formatting.

Thanks for any help.

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So, you're talking only about the ALV layout (whatever it's from query or any other program...)

What about searching this in the Web:

LVC_variant_select reuse_alv_variant_select

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