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Retrieve error message of SAP provided web service in web service response

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Hi All,

We have a SAP provided web service that sometimes fails to process data it is called with. This is not a problem as the data sometimes is just plain wrong (i.e. date field contains text). However, the error is only logged in SAP and can only be queried using SRT_UTIL.

The problem is that the error is not reported back via the response. How can we set up the web service so that the error could be displayed by the calling party without logging into SAP?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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If your service is sync type already then please check the response structure of Fault message type. If there is a mismatch of elements/namespace of any sort then it could result in Service defined Fault message not capturing the fault.

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Hi Calvin,

The WS is indeed synchronous. The problem is not whether the error is captured or not. It is captured indeed but it is logged inside SAP only and not returned via the Web Service response mechanism. The error message says that error message can be retrieved using SRT_UTIL.

This is a major problem as the users of the outside system calling SAP have no right to use SRT_UTIL to track down the error. They need to contact SAP basis in order to get to the end of it.

What we need to achieve is to get back the same error message that can be seen with SRT_UTIL via the web service.


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In order to analyse the issue, can you please provide the Fault message received in SAP and the Fault message structure of your WS?

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Hi dkekesi ,

Please ask SAP team to check the format of date in service(WSDL). It should be "DATS" type.

For getting the error messages quickly Service should be Synchronous.

Error message can be recorded in a separate table in SAP which can be used in Export parameter.

Many Thanks