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Restart Workflow ?

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how can we restart a workflow for an agent ?

the workflow couldnt go to the next step due to agent determination failure there any way i can run the workflow manually and assign an agent ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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How to restart depends on your workflow design. As mentioned You can use SWUS, but remember the to clean up , SWI2_ADM1 can be used as well but not if your taking the agent from a container element resolved earlier in the process.

I always recommend that you'll implements the possibilities of stopping and restarting your workflow as part of the workflow design.

A way to due this is to create a restart event on your delegated business object, using SWO1. This event can then be raised from transaction SWUE.

A reaction to this event must then, as a next a step, be implemented in your workflow.

In NW2004s you have the possibility of defining a restart event, this is done in the header in the workflow builder, under the version dependant tab. In here you have another tab "event". Here you can enter your event with the receiver type "Cancel and restart workflow"

In elder releases you can implement a fork (1 required out of 2), in which you wait for your event. If you implement this event again as the triggering event, you can restart your workflow again by raising this event.

Furthermore you have the possibility to design your workflow so it will react differently based on, if it's triggered from restart or by your normal business process (e.g. won't sent to approval again to agents that already has approved, won't try to update date that has been updated by your previous workflow etc)


Morten Nielsen

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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you can make use of transaction SWUS, to test your workflow manualy.



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You can use the transaction


Here you can re-determe the agent and re-start the task.