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Responsive Table doesn't work as expected when both Column List Item and Custom List Item are used.

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I have an sap.m.Table.

I am trying to manually insert a row (Custom List Item) at a particular index, but it always goes to the top instead of the index.

The table already has some Column List Items.

Please refer to the code below -,output

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hey Saili,

CustomListItem doesn't seem to work with Tables.

That's because a table is expected to have columns and by using the ColumnListItem, we can specify the values for each column.

That's why even if you have a CustomListItem in a table (not dynamically added), it will be added above the column headers because it cannot be added within a particular column.

Why not use a ColumnListItem and within the cells aggregation, create a 'customItem' and add it to the aggregation, if that fits your scenario.

Something like this: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging



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Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for the reply.

This is what I had thought of doing earlier, however since my table is within a smart table and it gives the ability to hide columns, if a column is hidden, the corresponding cell from that column in the inserted row will also be hidden.

I solved the problem by creating a custom control by extending GroupHeaderListItem and adding an aggregation for adding content.



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