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Reset XML DAS Archive Stores / Home Paths to switch from File to WebDAV

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Hi all,

we are on SAP PI 7.50 SP22 AEX. We did setup Archiving roughly according to "Configuring Message Archiving for the Advanced Adapter Engine"

However we started with file based archiving hence we created archive stores for every home path

  • ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_MSG (File System --> /usr/sap/trans/ixos/xi_af_msg)
  • ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_UDS_MSG (File System --> /usr/sap/trans/ixos/xi_af_uds_msg)
  • ...

We then archived into the paths for ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_MSG and ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_UDS_MSG.

My problem now is, I want to switch over do WebDAV. However, this seems currently not possible. I did this / failed there

  • Cannot change the existing ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_MSG from file to WebDAV. The UI doesn't allow this
  • Cannot delete ARCHIVE_DAS_XI_AF_MSG because there is still things archived under
  • I can see there's data in XML DAS --> Archive Hierarchy and Store Assignment
  • However, in Java Archiving Cockpit, there is no data for this path as we already deleted the collection there

  • Manually delete the home path synch even if the collection was deleted. Error "485 _SYNC_HOME_PATH: Home collection xi_af_msg is not empty; it still contains collections"

How can we overcome this and ideally delete the home path sync / the archive hierarchy under "xi_af_msg"

Many thanks and kind regards


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