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Reset entire report based on a field change

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For example, on change of the field PURCHASE_ORDER_ID, start a new age, restart page numbering (PageNumber, TotalPageCount), queue up the Report Header and Report Footer again, etc.

Is this possible?

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Yes, this is possible, but it can be a bit complex. Try this:

1. Don't use the Report Header and Footer. Instead, group by PURCHASE_ORDER_ID.

2. Put the information that's now in your Report Header and Footer in the Group Header (GH1a) and Footer (GF1a).

3. If you have configured a page header, put that information in a separate group header (GH1b). Then, to get this to work correctly, do the following:

- Right-click on one of the group 1 header sections to the left of the report design and select "Change Group".

- Go to the Options tab and:

- Check "New Page After" and set the value to 1 group.

- Check "Repeat Group Header on Each Page".

- Click on "OK" to save the options.

- Right-click on the GH1a section to the left of the report design and select "Section Expert".

- Click on the Formula button to the right of "Suppress" (DO NOT check the Suppress checkbox!) and enter the following:


This will prevent what was your report header from appearing on every page - it will only show up on the first page for the group.

4. To reset the page numbers, right-click on the GH1 footer section to the left of the report design. Go to the "Paging" tab and check "Reset Page Number After".

I don't know that there is any way to reset TotalPageCount, but I highly recommend NOT using either it or PageNofM. When you use either of those, Crystal has to render the whole report before it will show the first page when normally it will render the first page and show it and then render each page as the user moves to it. This can significantly slow down report processing if you have a large report.