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Required permissions are missing while uploading files in AL11 from SAP PO

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Hello Everyone,

We have recently migrated our systems to AWS and while tesing one of the interface we are getting the below error

Caller GUEST not authorized ,required permissions missing (" Javax.managment.MBPrmissions")

The intrface flow is SAP ECC ( Proxy)--> SAP PO--> AS2 with Archiver bean module configuration

**Module configuration is to store a copy in ECC AL11 directory

When we are trying to place the file in ECC AL11 directory we are getting ( [ArchiverModuleBean] handle open failed , error 1)

The same functionality is working in production ( which is not yet upgraded to AWS) but not working in the Development ( already migrated to AWS)

Can you please pour your thoughts what needs to check

Thanks Regards,


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