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Reporting requirements from ODS and not Cube ..Urgent

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i have a field ..called purch doc no .. this needs to be in the report ..

the architecture is like this ..ODS Level 1 -

to -


so ODS Level 1 - is not opened for reporting and we cant take this field (

Purch doc no ) to the Cube as it is too granular ..

how is it possible to report on the field which is available on the ODS ..

and not on the Cube ..

we can only report from cube ..its not possible to create multicube ..i have looked at that too .. also looked at jumpquery , RRI ..etc ..

plz can anyone give suggestions plz ...

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Answers (3)

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Hi vrrp ,

Thx for your reply ..but ODS is not open for reporting in our arch .. only we can report at cube level ..

Hi Anil Kumar Sharma .P

Thx to you as well .. we cant take this Puch Doc No to the Cube level as it would add up too too much of data at the cube level need to keep it at the ODS level ..

What i am looking at it now is write an update rule to the cube from the ODS and filtering out the data which is needed at the cube for reporting .. plz throw light on this .. thx ..



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Can you create an Infoset on the ODS? Then report using the Infoset. I use that technique when I need to report on a Transactional ODS which is not otherwise available for Bex reporting.

If the reporting would select specific document(s), you would want to make sure that you have an appropriate index to facilitiate query performance.

But Anil's suggestion of bringing the document nbr into the cube should also be considered. Not sure how much data we're talking about. Granularity was a bigger issue in multi-dimensioanl modeling in the past, but as hardware and DBs have improved, granular data in a cube is something to consider. I believe Ralph Kimball published an article about this just a couple of months ago.

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Nothing wrong to have the "Document number" in the Cube. To improve the query execution for the reports which does not have "Document number", we can use the aggregates.

<i>how is it possible to report on the field which is available on the ODS ..and not on the Cube ..</i>

It is possible only by allowing the reports on ODS (if you are not ready to take the "Document number" in the cube).

Withr rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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If set up the option of BEX-Reporting in ODS then ODS will be available for reporting . Check it out.