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Reporting agent & Javascript

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Hello All.

I use reporting agent to precalculate Web templates. In one of my web templates I use the How to Paper "HOW to use a dropdownbox to set variable values" in order to set variable values for posting date. When I run the template online everything works fine, but when I run the reporting agent , the dropdownbox values are changed accordign to control query, but the query which uses teh variable (cahnged by the dropdown box) is not affected.

Has any one solved this problem previously?

Any ideas?

Thanks all.


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Answers (3)

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It is imposiible to use javascript functions provided by BW in precalculated web templates.

see note 704211:"When you include javascript, note that the javascript functions provided by BW are not available in precalculated web templates"

Regards David

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Is the control query also based of the same cube as the main query in the template? The control query o/p will be based on the values of the cube on which it is based on.


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Hi Javier,

I think you should look into your <b>variant</b>. Hope it helps.