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Replicate Exchange rates from S\4HANA On Premise to Successfactor Employee Central on Cloud

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Hi Experts,

We need to send the daily currency Exchange Rates from our S\4HANA On premise 1709 system to SF Employee Central MDF object Currency Exchange Rate (the legacy currency conversion table ECT_CONV_TABLE has been migrated to the new MDF object in release 1605).

We are using HCI\CPI as middleware.

SAP has provided an oData API to create\update all generic objects. There is also a standard iFlow "ERP to Employee Central Generic OData Upsert" available in the package ERP to SuccessFactors Employee Central Employee and Organizational Data.

However, the Sender in this iFlow is SAP_ERP, so can we use this for our integration with S\4HANA On premise?

If yes, how do we trigger the exchange rates from S\4 HANA?

Additionally, also found an API

ExchangeRateMasterDataReplicationBundleRequest_Out that is available to send Exchange rates out from S\4 HANA Cloud. Would this service also be available for the on premise flavour?



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Dear Shiladitya,

currently there is no standard scenario or middleware content available to replicate Exchange Rates from S/4 HANA to SF. The generic oData upsert can't be used to achieve this.

The service ExchangeRateMasterDataReplicationBundleRequest_Out is a generic one offered by S/4 to send exchange rates to third-party systems. Currently this can’t be used as a standard integration to SF. Maybe this service can be used to build a customer-owned integration.

There are plans to release a new Exchange Rate integration from S/4 to SF in some future release. This integration will not be based on the already existing web service mentioned earlier.

Best regards


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Dear Alessandro,

Just wanted to know if there are any SAP Content (prepackaged integrartion) available for CPI for this integration?



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Hi shiladitya sarkar,

I want to also send exchange rate from s/4 HANA to CPI .
For that I want to use ExchangeRateMasterDataReplicationBundleRequest_Out , do we have any SAP stanndard program to use this proxy?
Or I have to create a custom program and use this proxy?