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Replay logs

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I've I have got an issue and I think I need some help.

Here's the scenario :

I have got a database ABC with a full backup on 2:00 AM, and a job that periodically(1-hour interval) backs up the log backup area of the server to a media server using Netbackup. If the database / OS crashes I will restore the full backup but how can I replay the missing log backups which I have them in another location to the database?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Elahe,

To restore the database, SAP HANA would need to access to location where the log backups are stored. Either you copy the log file backups from the media server to the SAP HANA system or you map / mount the media server location where the log file backups are stored. Have you contacted Veritas / NetBackup about how to best approach your requirement?


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