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Renewal of SAP Mini Basis License

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I have installed 4.6 version on my PC and used it sucessfully.  Now I need to renew the user license for the first time. I have gone through the process detailed on the installation CD and on the relevant SAP web page, but running the requested files does not give me the necesary key to apply for the renewal code.

All help welcome.

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Answers (2)

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Anyone that could possibly help. My license has expired as I have not been using the MBS 46D system for a while. I filled the application form in, and received a new license but I'm unable to install it.

If used the command 'saplicense.exe -install' but I keep on getting the same error:

      • SAPLICENSE (Relese 46D) ERROR ***

ERROR: Can not set DbSl trace function

DETAILS: DbSlControl<DBSL_CMD_IMP_FUNS_SET) failed with return code 20

RC-INFO: error laoding dynamic db-library - check environment for:

dbms_type = <db-type> <e.g. ora>

DIR_LIBRARY = <path to db-dll> <e.g. /usr/sap/DIS/SYS/exe/run>

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Hi Guys,

Found the fix for my problem at:

Basically all you have to do when you get the error that I got, is to go:

Start --> Run --> cmd

Then change the folder to C:\MBS

Then run the command dbenv.cmd

Once you've done that, the saplicense.exe -install command should work fine

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Open a DOS window. Change the directory to your miniSAP one, cd C:MBS\u00A0 . Run the environment setup command, dbenv.cmd . Then run 'SAPlicense.exe get'. Use the information returned to fill in the questions at . An e-mail will be sent to you automatically with your new license key and expiry date. In your DOS window run SAPlicense.exe install with your new data. If all is ok, close your e-mail connection and DOS window and start SAP.

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Thanks Matthew,

License extended thanks to your help.