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Renamed the window and got problem with a syntax error

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Hi, I have created a view v_form  that is embedded in a window W_FORM of a component controller ZWDC_FORM. I wanted to rename the window according to the naming conventions since it had another name first and after doing so I had to do minor changes since I got syntax errors.  But I still have one remaining error that I do not understand. I have created a reference to the window in the view in method wddoinit.

wd_this->go_w_form = wd_this->get_w_form_ctr( ).

I have declared the global attribute go_w_form in the view refering to ig_w_form and when I double click on the class it says that there is no class with this name.

But when I add an declaration inside a in the same method wddoinit i the view like this:

DATA go_w_form TYPE REF TO ig_w_form.

  wd_this->go_w_form= wd_this->get_w_form_ctr( ).

and double click on the class ig_w_form I get into the class so it's really existing.

I do not understand how to correct the error. Is there anyone that can help me to solve this error?

Thank you very much, regards Lena

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think the problem lies with the class. Let me  explain Ig_XXX is a generated class

in web dynpro . It is not part of the dictionary. When you declare a global attribute

it refers to a class already in the abap system. In WD classes are generated

behind the scene based on declarative approach. So if you try to access this

class from within your code, the project already generated this class and

therefore you are able to get reference to it.

Hope I made it clear enough 🙂


yuval peery

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Hi, thank you a lot I resolved the problem, regards Lena

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Hi Lena

Great. Please award


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