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Removing Trex from EP installation

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I want to remove Trex from an existing installation of EP5 SP6.

a) How do I do this (what configuration changes should I make)?

b) What remaining problems will the users see (for example if it leaves the "search" box in the header the users will obviously have a problem if they try and use it)?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Stuart,

although EP5 is "long ago" and I am more aware of EP6 these days, you should procede roughly like this:


- First, you should delete all indices and taxonomies through the Index Administration UI.

- Second, you should delete the TREX Server address from the files and/or in your EP-KM installation (search for them on the file system of the server!)

- Third, you can uninstall TREX for which you should be able to use the OS's (Windows?) Add/Remove functionality

- Fourth, if a TREX directory remains on the server, delete that.


- Do not use any KM iViews that contain search fields

- And, sorry, I do not know exactly where, configure your portal header to NOT contain the quick search field any longer. If you cannot find that, please post that part of the question again in the EP forum.

Regards, Karsten

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