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Remove Transaction data set Locking

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In our planning application there is no possibility that different users can edit the same transaction data.

But currently when multiple users are performing the planning operations, they are getting the error messge saying that data is currently locked by other user.

I have filters ion my aggregation level and i can not remove or add anything to them now.

I wan to remove this locking Functionality for this cube. Is there any way by which we can do this?



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lock conflicts indicate that different planners work on overlapping data; to remove the lock can make data inconsistent:


On DB we have value 100

User A reads the value and changes it to 200

User B reads the value and cahnges it to 300

Without locks when User A saves the changes a delta of 100 would be saved; when User B saves the changes a delta of 200 would be saved.

When after these actions the value would be read again one would get 100 (old) + 100 (delta A) + 200 (delta B) = 400.

Lock conflicts can be avoided by using disjoint filters for different users.

Reducing the lock relevant characteristics in RSPLSE will never resolve a lock conflict since then locks are less fine granular.



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please check transaction RSPLSE. Here you can see the locking conflict and also adjust the characteristics which are regarded as lock relevant for an infoprovider.

Regards Matthias

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HI Jaya,

This is a funcitonality that is an mandate in planning applciations without which we will loose the integrity of the planned data. This cannot be removed from the system. The reason is as follows.

When user A is trying to save the data for market X as 100 and at the same time user B isupdating the value as 200.

If there is no locking, then what value do u expect to get saved in the cube.

Since locking is available the other user will come to know that some body else is udapting values and they will think before changing the values as others also has the right to change the value.

Hope this helps.



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You can't just remove locking functionality from cube - it is basic functionalty of planning applications.

You must define your filters more thin. This way you can reduce locking conflicts.