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Relocation of objects w/o package change and different original system

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Hi all,

we are in an S/4HANA brownfield conversion and experiencing some TADIR check findings in SUM. One of those are objects that SAP itself delivered as a custom solution but left the "Original System" in the object directory catalog to "SAP". All the other objects in the same package are on original system "E24" (which probably is one of SAPs internal DEV machines).

Anyways, I could correct this by setting the object directory entry in our DEV System manually to "E24" for those few objects. I however wonder, what would be the best way to bring this to QAS and PRD before going into a conversion there (PS: I know the really, really good solution would be to have SAP deliver this in a correct manner and import that in the landscape but we will not do this for just few objects)

So I think I have two options

  • Have Basis temporarly open QAS and PRD system an manually correct the object directory entry original system from "SAP" to "E24"
  • Use transport of type "Relocation of objects (w/o) package change"

My question goes along this

  1. Would my relocation w/o package change transport keep the E24 from DEV or...
  2. Wouldn't it rather deliberately change the original system to "QAS" (if that would be the SID of the QAS system) after import into said QAS system?
  3. If 2. is true, would I then be stuck with opening the QAS and PRD system and changing the entry manually (using SE03)?

Many thanks and kind regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This community is so dead (no offense, I blame SAP with their latest changes with tags and topics and stuff)

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