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Relationship between installed system language and output language in forms article text languages

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I would like to double check, that it is possible to set up the S/4 Hana digital core e.g. with only two main language, e.g. English and German, but create adobe forms and maintain article texts in other languages, like french, russia etc. as well.

Is there any information out, if it is possible to maintain article texts and adobe forms in other languages than the installed system language.

Kind regards


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Jutta,
in an SAP standard setup, all languages which are used in the system should also be installed as logon language. This is the only way how customers can make sure that all language relevant functionality is available.
So in case the language is not installed as logon language, there are some restrictions regarding translation (e.g. in some customizing areas).
As far as I know, it is not possible to create an Adobe form in a language, which is not installed, but it is possible to translate existing forms into that language.
On table MAKT (I guess this is the table where material texts (in your case article texts) are stored) it is also possible to do the translation to non-installed languages.
Best regards,
Nils Buerckel