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Register SAP Solution Manager Installation loop

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We are an SAP partner in the process of adopting SAP Solution Manager

To properly set up the product, we require to register installation of SAP Solution Manager

Instructions say fill Request Form and send it to SAP Partner Contract Department through web form in SAP Support Portal

I did that and I got an email reply saying that instead I had to send email to, which I did (with Request Form attached)

And then replies and says I have to send request through web form in SAP Support Portal (back to the start)

My questions are:

1. Has anyone else experienced this?

2. Then how am I supposed to register installation?

Please advise

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The root cause of this problem is that instructions are note clear regarding Installations, Systems and License Keys, specifically, the information in Installation Data.

Because of those instructions, we contacted SAP through web form and then email, but they failed to solve the issue or provide helpful information.

At some point, told me that the person most suitable to help out with this is our company's SAP Account Executive, and provided his email and phone number, we tried contacting him but this person never replied.

Then yesterday, out of lucky curiosity, I found out that the process could be easily carried out in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad (this is all I was asking for since the beginning)

Below find steps on how to register an SAP Solution Manager installation (my company is SAP Partner so these steps might not apply for non-partners):

  1. Log in to SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  2. Under System Operations and Maintenance, select License Keys
  3. In Customer, select your company
  4. DO NOT select a Product (leave "All")
  5. In installation number, select the correct option for your company (ask your coworkers if in doubt)
  6. The Systems list will show up, select plus + button to add a new System
  7. Select Product (SAP Solution Manager) (you might need to scroll down and select "more")
  8. Select version (7.1 in my case)
  9. Fill in 3 character System ID (must be the same used in installation of Solution Manager)
  10. Type a System Name
  11. In System Type, choose "Productive", "Development", "Test", etc. whichever is your case
  12. Select the Database engine used in your Sution Manager
  13. Select the Operating System that hosts your Solution Manager

Success, your installation is registered, after this you can request your license key but keep in mind that you will need to install the Solman for this (otherwise you won't be able to generate required Hardware Key)

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Are you trying to apply for the Solution Manager 7.2 early adoption program ? If yes, could you please goto url below and fill in the 'Enrollment request form' ?

Else, you could goto

SAP Solution Manager | SAP Support Portal

Under 'First Steps'

Select the 'Request Installation'

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


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Thanks for your kind reply

Unfortunately my company is not looking to adopt Solution Manager 7.2 at this moment.

On the other hand, the path you provided (Support Portal>First Steps>Request Installation) points to the Installation Self-service, and just like SAP explains in the Installation Data page:

Only SAP customers can use the installation self-service. SAP partners have to contact their SAP partner contract department

and since my company is an SAP Partner, we cannot use that.

I have been provided new information from SAP but the process is still ongoing, when I have an update I'll post it, in the meantime if you have any further suggestions or comments please let me know.

Best regards