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q) In RNIF schema foe example PIP3A4,3A7,3A8, in this what is 3,a,4

points rewarded immediately its urgent



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This is URL for trading partner site:

Follow:Trading Partner Implementation Requirements



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The component ROSETTANET contains mainly the definitions of the PIP's, while the components ROSETTANET ERP and ROSETTANET CRM contain (most importantly) the mappings against the respective SAP backend (CRM or ERP).

If you look for complete support of PIP's including the mapping to the backend (IDoc or BAPI) you need to check which PIP's are supported in ROSETTANET CRM or ROSETTANET ERP. Here the document you find following the link in the SAP service marketplace is correct. As of today SAP offers mappings for the following PIP's:

PIP3A4 - Request PO

PIP3A7 -- PO Update etc.






If you are only interested in the PIP definition, you need to check the content of the component ROSETTANET (here you don't find the latest information on the service marketplace). In general, SAP is working on making all PIP's available in that component. If you are missing some PIP you can contact SAP, e.g. via this forum and the PIP's will be added and made available very soon.

Currently you find the following PIP's:


PIP3A1, 3A2, 3A4, 3A6, 3A7, 3A8, 3A9

PIP3B2, 3B12, 3B13, 3B14

PIP3C3, 3C4, 3C6

PIP4A1, 4A5

PIP5C1, 5C2, 5C3, 5C4

PIP6C1, 6C2

Also important to mention is that SAP works with some partners that also offer mappings for some PIP's, for example 3C4 and the PIP6C* series.

Have a look at these documents :RNIF adapter

and these threads:



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These are numbers to specify the kind of doc it is

Partner interface process followed bya number has a particular significance:

As in PIP3A4 is Request purchase Order

PIP 3A7 is notify the PO update

PIP 3A8 is Request purchase order change.

hope it helps u out