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Reg : Omiting Zero's in ADOBE output

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Hi Experts,

I am fetching the Quantity field and displaying through ADOBE FORM, if the Quantity is 0 (ZERO) I have to display BLANK space in the respective CELL of ADOBE, if it is other than 0, I have to print the same value to that CELL.

I have tried many ways to achieve this, still its not resolved. please help me out from this.



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I had similar requirement where Amount field of form needed to print as space in case of 0.00 value. Below javascript code in initialize event worked properly for me. in my case form field GV_TOT_DED is bind to interface field GV_TOT_DED which is of type QBSHB. I did not change anything in pattern. On Form, type of field GV_TOT_DED is decimal field and no need to make it as text field.

Simply add this code.

var totded = xfa.resolveNode("data.SP_Page1.SP_Invoice_Items.SP_Footer.GV_TOT_DED").rawValue;
if(totded == "0.00")
xfa.resolveNode("data.SP_Page1.SP_Invoice_Items.SP_Footer.GV_TOT_DED").rawValue = "";