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Refreshing workflow run time buffer

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HI All,

Please can anybody elabrate on below points, I was really confusing to understanding real functionality on same.

Why we need to refresh the SAP Workflow runtime buffer?

Why we configure the workflow dialog task to General task?

Thanks in Advance

Rajesh B

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Answers (2)

Hi Rob - Many Thanks - This helped in workflow task classification changes as well. After adding task to specific classification, and adding delegation to another manager with that classification - workflow items were not appearing in substituted manager's My inbox. after executing this TCode : SWU_OBUF , it all started working fine.

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For agent assignment Workflow uses the HR buffer of your Organizational Structure (transactions PPOM, PPOMA, etc.) When you make changes to the Organizational structure or when you change agent assignment in your workflow definition then it is good practice to refresh the buffer using SWU_OBUF.

I think now this is triggered automatically when you make changes or import workflow definitions.

You don't need to configure to general task, at the moment moment I use a lot of agent assignment on task level based on user Roles to control authorization to dialog work items.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans