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Refresh Data Sources (multiple) at command/combo box click/change

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Hi Guys

Here is the scenario

1) DS_1 - is a master data object (per say company code) based query which displays all the values that I am authorised - I have created a command button and used "SAPExecuteCommand", "RefreshData", "DS_1" to refresh and display the data. Works fine

2) DS_2 is a query which has a variable on company code. I created a combo box whose range is set to the data output of DS_1. When i select the drop down and choose a company code - i would need the value to be passed onto Company Code variable in DS_2, for this i have used the following

2.1) SAPExecuteCommand", "RefreshData" "ds_2"

2.2) ("SAPSetRefreshBehaviour", "Off")

2.3) ("SAPExecuteCommand", "PauseVariableSubmit", "On")

2.4) "SAPSetVariable"

2.5) PauseVariableSubmit", "Off

2.6) SAPSetRefreshBehaviour", "On

The above is kicking me out and throwing an unexplained error - have absolutely no idea what this is

I also used the Refreshbehavior on and off followed by pause variable submit etc.

Unfortunately, the issue still persists.

The requirement is

1) Refresh DS_1 on workbook_open

2) Refresh DS_2/3/4 by combo box change and pass the combo box value to Variables of DS_2/3/4

3) With the values that are displayed by refreshing DS_1/2/3/4 - I need to refresh another DS_5 (per say at the click of a command button)

How do I stop the error from appearing everytime.

Is there a rule where you can use Autorefresh = off/on once in the entire code?

Is there a rule where if you use Autorefresh, you cannot use the other refreshes?

Is there a rule where if you use any refresh in one place you could not use it any other refresh anywhere else?

Please help



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Answers (3)

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I know the above mentioned steps have been mandatory, to set a variable...

I would recommend to give that a try:

Sorry, I'm quite busy right now... But I hope you find a solution?!

BR, Martin

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Please share your version of Analysis Office (and SP)?

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AO 2.3

BW: SAPKW74013


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Hello Tammy

Wondering if you had a chance to look at my response?