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Refresh a RFC dialog to SAP system

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Hi community,

In WD application I call the following sequence of RFC functions:

In first time I call a "get list" function and in second time I call a "create" function.

So,after having call a "create" function, I call again a "get list" function but these, if the input paraments are equals with the previous ones, seem manteins the old data result whyle in SAP beckend system the data is update correctly.

If exit from application the "get list" function is correctly execute...seem caching in memory the open RFC channel and destroy this only change a input parameters or exit application.

Best regard's


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Don't know if it helps but you could start the WAS config tool and search for 'cache' settings. There are quite a few.

One other thing you could do to verify if the "get" RFC actually returns the right data is to build in an infinite loop in the RFC and start (ABAP) debugging it from there on.

Good luck!