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Reduction in HANA DB Memory

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Hi Gurus,

We are using HANA DB and application is ECC. If we archive ~1 TB of Data, how much memory saving I can expect? And how can I achieve the same? We have till now archived 450 GB of data for Archive Objects viz. IDOC, WORKITEM and BC_DBTABLOGS but we haven't seen any significant savings on memory. Am I missing something here?

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did you used the Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Solution, or just pure archiving?
see the online Document - SAP ILM based on SAP IQ Database

typically, you can expect at least 50% data compression, once the date is moved to the SAP IQ database.
was the SAP HANA DB restarted, as it seems the data is not really removed from the In-Memory part.

best regards Roland

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