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Recover Green Delta 2LIS_02_SCL

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Hi Gurus,

We have ODS Purcashing which delta update from 2LIS_02_SCL.

unfortunetly, we got some serious problem. lets say:

1. a repeat delta request has succesfull dan QM status already set to green but it is not activated yet.

    it brings whole 6 days data. around 40.000 records.

2. by accidently, this green delta request has been deleted without making to the red status in QM.

3. in PSA, the data was deleted too.

4. in source system RSA7, as we know delta repetition is missing the 6 days delta which is

    around 40.000 before and changed into new delta today which only around 2.000 records.

5. looking for other chance, we go to RSMO and hope that change the green status to red

    will bring the lost delta to BW (keep in mind that no data in PSA again)

6. then we check in RSA7, but it still show 2.000 records, we try to pull delta using info package

    but it still have 2.000 records.

we already search over the forums and some ppl said that we must do full repair request.

now, my question is, could we recover the whole 6 days data again without doing full repair request?

I also wondering if we fill the delta in RSA7 again then do repeat delta request to BW?

we believe your oppinion / suggestion will help us alot, Thanks

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As the delta request was turned green once, hence the source system assumes that the delta successfully reached BW and deletes the previous 6 days data and started bringing new delta.

It is better to perform the repair full request for the missing period and let the regular delta run.

Repeat delta will not solve your problem.

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Hi Yashuba,

Thanks for your fast response,

yes,now we trying to get the exact period of missing 6days and plan to full repair.

i think thats the only way :

1. we plan to fill table 2LIS_02_SCL in source system RSA3.

2. extract data by using full update info package to ODS purcashing (dummy)

    its is like another ODS that support full update before the entry go up to ODS purcashing.

is that the correct step?

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Yes you are correct.. Delete the setup table. Fill setup table with the missing entries in source system. Then you can check your data in RSA3 using full update.

This data can be loaded to the ODS by full update.

Once the data comes in, you can validate if all the required data is available in BW or not.

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Hi Yashuba,

Again, thanks for your fast response,

yes, we're found to fill setup table is using TCode OLI3BW,

on the other hand, in our ODS, selection for document date is always

set to 01.01.2011 - 31.12.9999. which makes we cant use this criteria to fill the setup tables.

ideally, to fill table with the whole 6days data, it must be pull by something like

'changed on date', but I found the selection in OLI3BW is only permitted for doc. date.

this lead us to another stuck : how could we full repair then?

please throw some light...

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Identify the Purchasing Docs that were deleted as part of the request. You can fill tables for those Docs and proceed

Hope this helps you



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While filling the setup table you will get Document Date. You can check the data from EKKO table. Field BEDAT is used for document date, and give the required date which are missing.

Fill setup table and extract the data to BW using an adhoc infopackage. No need of giving any selection. Even if the date selection is 01.01.2011 - 31.12.9999 given, no problem.

If there are some records which will get loaded extra, ODS should overwrite and there will be no duplicate entries