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Record TotalPageCount and Report TotalPageCount

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Is it possible to have Record TotalPageCount and Report Grand TotalPageCount on every page of the report at the same time?

The report has a few multi-page subreports throughout. The main report has one Group section that has "Reset Page Number" checked-off in the Group Footer to display "Page N of M" on every page of each Record / GroupID document. The client is also requesting to insert the Grand Report TotalPageCount on every page... to show "Page N of M of G" (with "N of M" being the record's report page counts and "G" being the Grand Report TotalPageCount).

Could you please help me figure out whether this is a possible task?

Crystal Reports always shows the Grand Total Page Count in the menu bar after the entire report has been processed, even when it is set to Reset Page Number after each record. So it feels like I should be able to access that information somehow...

Thank you in advance.

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There is no way to do this in Crystal. Also, I generally recommend against using Page N of M or Total Pages - especially if reports are going to be fairly long. Normally when Crystal processes, it will show on the screen the first page as soon as it is rendered and while Crystal is rendering the rest of the pages. However, if you use Page N of M or Total Pages, the report will not display until after the report has completely rendered. Since you've said the report includes subreports, this means it will take even longer because each instance of the subreports has to run its query and then render its pages completely before Crystal moves on to the next section. If the report only has 10 or 20 pages, this is not that big a deal, but if it has more than that, the slow down can be pretty significant.


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Thank you very much for your response.

The client and the printer requested to display the Current Page and the Total Page Count per record on top of each page. So I had to use pagenumber and totalpagecount even though it slowed down the report generation tremendously. So now the grand report Total Page Count was requested by the printer in addition to the record Total Page Count, which felt like could be possible because after the report finishes running it has that value populating in the Page Selector of the top menu bar. So I was hoping there is something beyond my understanding of how record and page related information is being populated ... (almost like calling a global variable that could be stored somewhere...)

Thank you again.