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Real Time Data Enrichment and Learning in MDM

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Hello all,

I am wondering if MDM has real time data enrichment and learning capability during a document creation process.

A possible scenario:

when a purchasing document is created with product A and being routed to an external system which required the product A to be mapped and classified according to an external international standard (e.g. UNSPSC, eCLASS, etc). This external classification must be mapped and searched and subsequently returns a classification value to the purchasing document. Also, this mapping and classification information must be kept for future learning and references.

So now the key questions if MDM is used:

1. Can MDM import external classification standard to used for data mapping?

2. Can MDM be used for the data enrichment process taking an inbound document data and provide the classification value by self-recognizing the mapping rules as required from the document data?

3. Can MDM keep the mapping content as identified during the enrichment process for future references? Assuming i have to extend the classification standard and the learning process should be able to handle it by itself without much manual intervention.

Thank you for any clue or possible workaround in MDM.

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Hi Yeu,

MDM exports certain external classified data for mapping.Basically MDM can capture the data from various source system and can ditribute the data back to them quite effeciently.In harmonising the data and cleaning the data U can use map files(precreated) for auto maping or you do the mapping manually.MDM keeps track of the data by Remote key.This remote key is important to work with syndication process and importing..

feel free to ask further..

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Hi Sheng,

Well you have a very good quetion. it seems you are looking at more methodological requirement.

Well the answer is as MDM inherits the data from other system it also distributes the data back with standardizatin in it. SAP NetWeaver ESA is a roadmap this is build to bring standards in your architechture. The Enterprise Service Reposiotory contains all the services in your environment where MDM services is one of them. Here When you need to give this standard distribution it is a recommendation from SAP MDM to your SAP NetWeaver XI where the import and Syndication message mappings can be defined.

MDM allways keeps the references and source system name in its MDM Key which is only used by MDM. MDM doesnot effeect any functionality of your exisiting environment.

Hope i gave you insight of bussiness impart that youare looking for enriching the real time data.

if you have any queries you can write back here or can speak to me.