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Real Time Data Change Capture through SAP Extractors

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Hi Team,

Answer First: We can use an SAP extractor(Delta Enabled one) and expose the same as the OData service. Is there any way to extend this? Or any feedback on this?

Rationale: We are currently using the CDHDR table to get the change log captures. However, this is through a file-based approach. We want to move to API-based approach. Now, let's take the example of extracting the accounting data through BSID. We are planning to use the 0FI_AR_4 extractor. We will expose this as OData. Now do you see any better approach or any feedback on this?
One more question if later we want to add a few more fields here, how can we extend that?

Thanks and Regards,
Devavrat Somvanshi

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