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Reading statistical data in BI NW2004s (using RSRT)

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I executed a query via RSRT and flagged the option "Display statistics".

The statistical data after execution of the query is displayed on 2 tab pages (Frontend/Calculation Layer & Aggregation Layer).

How can I derive the overall runtime for the query from that data? I already read the SAP documentation ( but it doesn't really answer how to derive the overall runtime.

I do not/can not use the other methods (like ST03 for instance) to derive query runtime information.

Thanks for any answers in advance.



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Hi Philipp,

This is the column Duration in Frontend. You can sum up the duration and see the result at the bottom.


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Hi Natalie,

thanks for your answer.

But I think this is only partly correct. The help says the following (see link in my last post):

"In the area of the front end and calculation layers of the analytic engine (FE/Calculation Layer), the accumulated times of all events of a step can therefore be less than or equal to the overall runtime of the step."

So the sum of all duration is not necessarily the overall runtime.

But anyway, the sum denotes an upper bound for the overall runtime and that's fine for my analysis requirements.