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Re Generate Co files and data files

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I've learnt something new today and would like to share it here.

A Transport which was created through CHARM was already released and charm and co-files and data-files were not generated though this transport is not a local transport.

Un release this transport and releasing again may create co-files and  data -files but it would mess up charm status and associated tables.

Easy command to re-generate cofiles and data files with out impacting charm status.

Go to /usr/sap/trans/sid/bin - ( In our case Trans directory is /usr/sap/sid/trans ( not /usr/sap/trans)

tp export <transportnumber> pf=TP_DOMAIN_SID.PFL
This is tp version 381.571.20 (release 785, unicode enabled)
INFO: No client specified on command line. Taking client 300 from E070C.
This is R3trans version 6.26 (release 785 - 14.06.23 - 08:30:06).
unicode enabled version
R3trans finished (0000).
tp finished with return code: 0
Everything OK


tp export <transportnumber> pf=TP_DOMAIN_SID.PFL has successfully re-generated co-files and data files under /usr/sap/trans/sid/cofiles and /usr/sap/trans/sid/data respectively.

Happy Learning !!!

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Thanks. You might post it the normal way, split it into both a question and an answer. If not, you may also choose to publish a blog post.

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