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RAP additionalBinding not working in Multi-Inline-Editing

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I have a requirement where we want to enable users to maintain a z-Table via "Maintain Business Configurations" App (F4579). The table consists of two key fields (Sales Order and Customer). Both key fields do have a value help. I requirement is to make sure that a valid combination of both key fields has been entered.

As RAP validations make the app "Maintain Business Configurations" get stuck in a loading screen after saving, i wanted to solve this via additionalBinding on the Value Help of the Customer as described here Value Help with Additional Binding | SAP Help Portal. The implementation looks lie this:

@Consumption.valueHelpDefinition: [{ entity: { name: 'C_CustomerSalesAreaVH', element: 'Customer' },

additionalBinding: [{ element: 'SalesOrganization', localElement: 'Vkorg' }],

useForValidation: true



The Problem is that even with that annotation neither the additionalBinding is not updating the Sales Org. field nor is a previously entered Sales Org. being used to filter the value help of the customer.

I think this may be because of the draft mode or the inline-editing.

Did anyone have had this error as well? Did you find any solutions?

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Answers (2)

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Same issue here.

The result binding does work for me, but filtering does not.

Did you find any solution yet?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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In general, please refer to the RAP-specific documentation:

You can change the creation mode from "Creation Row" to "New Page" in the maintenance object definition (SMBC) in the ABAP backend.

The additionalBinding annotation works fine for me for a non-key field, i.e. after saving the draft.
Therefore, you must enter the sales organization and then ensure that the draft is saved/updated. If you then use the input help for the customer, the filter should be applied.
However, key fields are usually set to readonly : update preventing any change after the draft is saved.