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R3 System connectivity error

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Hi all,

I have created an R3 system to connect to ESS.

I have configured all the details necessary for the system like Connector , ITS , WAS etc..

<b>Hope the host name for ITS should be accompanied by the port.

eg: ITS Congfiguration Details -


path: /scripts/wgate/pzm3/!</b>

I have also completed user mapping formalities.

When i try to access ESS by creating a Transaction iView, to connect to the above mentioned R3 system,and when i preview the iView created:

the login page of the system is not displayed and gives and error msg

<b>" Interpreter failed:

The Internet Transaction Server failed to generate the response for the current request.

Pls contact Admin.

Internal Code Error :0x2101 "</b>

However, if i give some other service name eg:pzm2 instead of pzm1(login page).. in ITS Congfiguration Details



path: /scripts/wgate/<u>pzm2</u>/!</b>

then i am able to login.

<b>Also , when i add this iview to a workset, i get a portal runtime error.</b>


<b>When i remove the port from the ITS host name,</b>

<b>ITS Congfiguration Details



path: /scripts/wgate/pzm3/!</b>

i am directed to the Internet Transaction Server login page to connect to the system.

But <b>password field is missing</b> , thereby not allowing me to login.

Pls help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the ITS path should be: /scripts/wgate

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Trying running IAC service from System Administration/support/SAP Application. Select IAC and your system alias, If you are able to run here then it should work...

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