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"Launcher Link" from SAP Enterprise Portal to Desktop version of SAP Business Client 6.0

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Good Afternoon SDN Community,

We are hoping to begin using the desktop version of SAP Business Client 6.0 soon. We currently have an SAP Enterprise Portal 7.40 with "launcher links" that open specific ABAP backend systems with SAP GUI for Windows (a file containing the connection info is downloaded when the user clicks the link, opening the specified system with SAP GUI) The ABAP backend system trusts the SAP Portal, which is how we achieve a single sign-on experience for our users.

Is there a way to provide this same type of functionality using the desktop version of SAP Business Client 6.0?

Two Items of Note:

Note 1: We have tried a number of permutations of the following links, which successfully launch the desktop SAP Business Client, but do not launch the correct client nor provide single sign on:

sap-nwbc://https://[ABAP SYSTEM HOSTNAME:PORT]/nwbc/~testcanvas;client=100/transaction=smen 


sap-nwbc://https://[ABAP SYSTEM HOSTNAME:PORT]/nwbc-sso/transaction=smen

Note 2: The use of the HTML version of Business Client is not an option for us.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide!


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Hi Brian,

I think you are close with the syntax you have. I have put an example below that works in our environment for NWBC Desktop. We have a SICF service on the path below that provides the SSO, and then the part after ~canvas opens a transaction. The part after the ? is not required as that just selects a particular object to display in IW23, but you may find it useful.


Regards, Andy