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Quick question, Is PSA a transparent physical table?

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HI all,

I know this question has been repeated a lot. But I have always known that PSA replicates the structure on the R/3 system and it holds the data in the in

TRANSPARENT table. This is a bit confusing jargon to me.

So please correct me if I am wrong in assuming that PSA is a physical table which is transparent from the user/ or something.

Can someone tell me what " Transparent "means in this context.



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Yes. PSA has the same structure of the has some extra columns like..record number, packet id, request id...

It is the physical storage of can be maintained to as many days as u wish after that to reduce the disk sapce u can delete the PSA data(via..PC) and schedule it to run periodically....It is not used for is just a used for staging purpose for datatarget..Ok is PSA transparent??..In BI i believe every thing is transparent..the users are not concerned from where they are getting the data(may be ODS or Cube)..they are just bothered about the retrival time of the result...



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Thanks BR for the reply again.

I know the details of how PSA functions but I needed to know in a deep level like where exactly it resides.

Is there a connection between PRA segment or is it called PSA segment 1 through 10. Cos usually that gives ORA 1555 and such other errors. Am I thinking in the right direction.