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Questions on SDK APIs for Business Partners

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Hello experts,

I have some questions about Business Partner SDK APIs. Below is the structure of business partner. Hope to have some suggestions from you.

    "BusinessPartner": "",
    "to_BusinessPartnerAddress": [ {

1. I want to get Business Partner along with the address data. But address data is not returned in method getAllBusinessPartner. Does that mean I need to invoke method getAllBusinessPartnerAddress to get address data based on business partner number?

2. What is the SDK api to support fuzzy search? filter() or withCustomQueryParameter() method?

3. How can I update business partner general data and address data at the same time? Seems I cannot set

to_BusinessPartnerAddress and then do update. It does support for POST operation. The request payload for POST is as below.

    "BusinessPartner": "1534",
    "LastName": "Jerry",
    "to_BusinessPartnerAddress": [ {
        "Country": "DE",
        "StreetName" : "Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16",
        "PostalCode" : "69190",
        "CityName" : "Walldorf",
        "to_AddressUsage" : [ {
        "AddressUsage" : "XXDEFAULT" } ]
    } ]
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Hello everyone.

Could someone tell me if this is still not possible?

I want to be able to create both things in the same Iflow is it possible?

Do you have an example of how the Iflow would look like?