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Questions about SAP Cloud Platform license

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Dear experts,

I got curious about SAP Cloud platform license when I want to use both NEO and Cloud foundry, for example, HANA DB on Cloud foundry and UI5 on NEO.

If we buy one license, like HANA DB which can be deployd to NEO or Cloud foundry, it doesn't matter which one I choose?

I mean I can create as many subaccounts in NEO or Cloud foundry as I want without any additional fee?

Thanks for your time.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Young Hwan Kim,


The SAP CP NEO & SAP CP Cloud Foundry are different "as a Service" (a.a.S.) products. NEO is Platform as a Service (P.a.a.S.), while Cloud Foundry is a Environment as a Service (E.a.a.S.). Hence, not all of the service's licenses are exactly the same (it does not mean that when you have acquired a license for this "service" to run on a NEO, you do automatically acquire a license about the same service to be used on CF). Every provisioning package is with different parameters and is specific.

For a start, I suggest to have a look on the available services in this web site SAP Cloud Platform Regions and Service Portfolio


The sub accounts are another matter. Their number is not restricted, neither is related to the licenses you have acquired (of course so far you do have active Global Account). Yes, you might create as many sub accounts as you need. However, the quota distribution will limit you with regards to the resources you could entitle to a particular subaccount. The distributed (assigned) quotas between the sub accouts, could not exceed the provisioned quotas to the Global Account. More information in these help documents:

About Entitlements and Quotas

Assign Entitlements to Subaccounts

Getting Started with a Customer Account: Workflow in the Cloud Foundry Environment

Getting Started with a Customer Account: Workflow in the Neo Environment

Relationship Between Global Accounts and Subaccounts

Managing Subaccounts


Please let me know whether you need any further clarifications.


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Thanks Dontcheff,

This helps me a lot.

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